Extend Your Subscription

Thanks for being part of StreamTV and wanting to continue your existing subscription with us!
The best part is, you won't have to sign up for any new details, you can keep your current credentials and stay logged in to all your favourite devices with StreamTV.

Simply, just chose one of the below packages that corresponds with your subscription - you change even chose a new upgraded package and we will reflect this in your subscription!

StreamTV Pass

The standard single connection StreamTV Pass, allowing access to the full StreamTV Pass on any device at any one time.


StreamTV Pass 


1 multiroom

The standard StreamTV Pass with an additional multiroom connection, allowing access to the full StreamTV Pass on any device at any two times simultaneously.


IMPORTANT: If your StreamTV username is different to your PayPal email, please ensure to add this to your notes or inform our Admin Staff.
We do try to keep all subscription and PayPal credentials linked, but due to this now being a manual process, we will need to ensure to correct subscriptions are extended on receipt of payment.

If you currently have an existing Automatic Recurring Payment in place and are looking to change your subscription plan, please ensure the original Automatic Recurring Payment is cancelled to avoid being charged for multiple subscription packages.

Please note, currently this is a manually monitored process and therefore there may be a slight processing time from when payment is made until time of subscription extension.