So you've taken a StreamTV Pass out with us, installed our great app on a compatible device and were enjoying our huge range of content when the subscription expired and you lost access?... not to worry!

Just click the Extend Your Subscription button to Re-activate your subscription with us.
Once there, you will be able to chose the corresponding package for you subscription (or whichever one suits best).
Best of all, each of these are subscription plans, so you won't have to worry about expiring again moving forward!


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Can I extend early, will I lose out?

Don't worry about jumping the gun (or completely forgetting to extend in time) by they way!
The great thing about using the Extend Your Subscription button is that if you enter your StreamTV Pass credentials before your expiry - it is clever enough to add a month on to you expiry date!

I forgot to extend in time, will I have to start again?!

Not at all, just click the Extend Your Subscription button and continue as normal for your expired StreamTV Pass, you can actually re-activate your expired subscription!

What's even more clever is that it adds a month from the date of your payment, no worrying that you may have paid for expired days!

PLEASE NOTE: This option is only available to existing customers, if you are looking to Subscribe for a new StreamTV Pass, please click the Subscribe button in the top right!